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Now that Marlon Wayans' Instagram photo has surpassed 300,000 likes, the actor told The Huffington Post it's his "mission" to make "White Chicks 2" happen. "The response has been overwhelming and amazing," Wayans told HuffPost about the photo. The actor, whose "White Chicks 2" poster got over 1.5 million likes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, said he's sharing the response with the studios. "This movie is something that my fans really want," Wayans said. "This is a movie that definitely should be made. I'm on a mission to make this happen. I know with all that's happened in the pop culture and the socialite circles since the original 'White Chicks' we can surely knock a sequel way out the park."
On Sunday, the actor shared a photo on Instagram of himself with brother Shawn Wayans in a fake poster for "White Chicks 2." But that fake poster could soon be a reality. The actor wrote in the caption, "Show of hands who wants to see the sequel to this? 300,000 likes and I may make this our next movie." The photo already has over 407,000 likes on Instagram and over 700,000 likes on Facebook. So is "White Chicks 2" actually happening? Marlon Wayans has been talking about it for years. Last year, though, Marlon Wayans told The Grio that a change in the film sales market had thus far prevented the possibility of a sequel. “I think people are scared that it’s 10 years removed," he said. "Overseas markets have changed and selling foreign isn’t as lucrative as it was for these types of movies." The Huffington Post has reached out to Marlon, Shawn and Keenen Ivory Wayans to find out whether or not the brothers will actually make "White Chicks 2" their next movie. If it doesn't happen, we warn you, we might just have a BF.
I love the first one, but I am worried that anothee one will destroy its reputation @nicolejb
@shannonl5 cant be baf either , i think it will be good
Awe man. This looks pretty nuts. I don’t know if White Chicks needs another... (My personal opinion)
@TerrecaRiley @rodiziketan I think I'm hopeful if only because they waited so long. They weren't rushing, which means they hopefully took their time to get it right. @VienKnight do you think a sequel is a good idea?
@shannonl5 i remember watching it when i was younger
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