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This is my response card to the Monday Madness Challenge:
Umaru Doma is a character from an on-going anime, Himouto! Umaru-chan. She is a high school girl that lives along with her older brother, Taihei.
Outside of her home, Umaru-chan is the perfect high school student. She is pretty, she is smart, she is extremely athletic, talented with instruments, and a good person. However, once she gets home, she is a complete slob and all she does is play games, eat snacks, and ask her brother to do everything for her.
She is the funniest anime character I've seen recently.
This is Umaru transforming from her perfect outside self to her lazy bum gamer self. XD
She lives off of cola. How is she not a caffeinated mess? I have no idea.
Her life goal is to have a 100 hamsters that carry her everywhere around the house. FP.
She throws hilarious tantrums to get her brother to buy her snacks and manga.
She is always in front of a screen at home. Movies, anime and games are her life. LOL.
Did I mention she is super duper lazy?
Her favorite manga is Jun Piece. LMAO. I think we can all understand her struggle.
She is very serious about her snack shopping. Her poor brother lol.
This is her outside of home. Can you believe it? XD
This is her inside the home. I love her transformations and her lazy bum version HAHAHA.
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I'm.going to watch this anime XD this reminds me of me XD Theres a funny anime called bento heard of it?
I now have a new life goal: to be transported everywhere by a legion of hamsters.
hehe hehe this looks super cute and funny can't wait to start watching yay!!
you actually made me curious enough to want to watch this too
i started watching and I'm only two episodes in but i love it already! :):D