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Challenge for which I don't know the name Lol
Most of these questions have obvious answers but meh guess I will do it anyway, not really good at tagging so if you already got tagged and I tag you sorry in advance Lol, so I guess I should start ...
So my real name... sshh it's a secret but it's.... dun dun the same as my on screen name Lol, Netch-ti
Where am I from? The only thing about this question is it's very generalized, so I mean I live in New York right now but I used to live in Georgia, yet I was born in Virginia sooo yea whichever works for y'all Lol
Well this one of course is obvious from my amazing profile pic but I'm a fangirl
Soo when it comes to fandoms I'm really multifandom but my top fandoms would be.... Starlight, VIP, Shawol, ELF, and Army in no specific order, love all my fandoms to death
Lol Yea not possible, I'll just say my top bias from my top 5 fandoms but that's as good as it's getting Lol, Vixx bias is Ravi, Bigbang bias is TOP, Shinee bias is Minho, Suju bias is Kyuhyun, and BTS bias is Rapmon .... many other bias but yea
Asking for me to choose a favorite song is like asking a mom to choose their favorite child, some can do it but I can't, My song of the summer of the ones that have come out would have to be Beautiful Liar by VIXX LR best I can do Lol
Lol favorite drama so I can actually do this but it is a three way tie, So two are older drama and one is a newer one, My first two are Coffee Prince and Lie to Me and the new one is Oh My Ghostess, which if you saw the end you know how similar the end was to Coffee Prince which I actually liked
So I realized I barely answered these questions Lol but I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you got this thanks for putting up with the weirdness , as for tags.... @shannonl5 @Suju4evr @StephanieDuong @MattK95 @KacyDodge @Byunniie @Shjej5835 @DannyNeders @Majesticx @xoxoaudra98 @B1A4BTS5ever @PassTheSuga @kpopandkimchi @jiggzy19 @poojas @baileykayleen @tayunnie @VixenViVi @ninachan @solodaywithB1A4
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