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Hello Anime Community Friends,

It's Monday and we're back at it! Last Monday, I asked you to share your funniest anime gifs and you all shared some hilarious gifs that the whole community enjoyed.
This week I am asking you to make a card about a funny anime character! Just ONE character. And be sure to tell us why they are funny! ^^
You can use images, gifs, & videos in your card to take on the Monday Madness Challenge.

A few Monday Madness rules:

> You have ALL WEEK to do this challenge. So until Friday! :)
> Just make sure to have {MM} in front of your card title so we know it's a response card to this Monday Madness challenge.
> Make sure to have a creative title. XD
Here's my challenge card:

Can't wait to see all your cards! ^_^

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wooo I like this challenge but so so many options :O
Of courseeeeeeeee~
@chongx I think you might want to give this a shot! XD
awww I missed this one