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So many of people have been waiting for part 2 for the date game. I wanted to wait until the beginning of September to get things cracking! THANKS TO ALL THAT PARTICIPATED IN THE DATE GAME PART 1! If you would like to back track just look on my profile. It should be in the random collection.... but here is the link . Click on the heart. Directions Think on how your second date with your bias. What would you do? What would you wear? Add pictures to make your card come to life. Some ppl created a mini story on how everything would go down. For this card do that. Be as detailed as you want. Last step tag whoever you can think of! This could seen as PG...SO...U HAVE BEEN WARNED... I NOMINATE @KPOPGABY @poojas @stevieq @ErinGregory @kpopandkimchi @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong @nightshade @PassTheSuga @oppatouchmybutt @VixenViVi @JazzyPie
GD and I enjoyed our first date. I was drooling over how dreamy he was and we have been texting non stop! While eating breakfast last week he sent me a quick text. GD: Hey Jessamine I was wondering if would could go out again. I really enjoyed chatting with you and hanging out. Jessamine: :) Ah Ji-Yong you are so cute. I'm super glad you had fun. GD: So you wanna chill? Jessamine: Heck yeah! GD: See you soon xoxo Jessamine: okay ttyl ♡☆☆ After playing it cool I break out in a happy dance.
We have a big day planned so I want to look super cute for part one of our second date. I take my time to go through my closet. I know I was on point last date because GD could keep his eyes off my goodies. I's okay to be a little bit more PG this time. As always I want my makeup to be soft with a little glare. I love bronze like eyeshadow. I would have a natural lip. After getting dress. GD texts me that he has arrived. My heart drops as I run to the door to greet him. We quickly head over to his sexy Lamborghini car and ride to our first destination.

First Stop

Art museum. We head here to look at some art. "Usually I'm with TOP when I go here. It's nice to be here with a pretty girl for a change." GD grins and squeezes my hand. "Oh, thanks so sweet of you. I know we will have fun." I smile trying to play it cool. But I'm screaming inside. GD opens the door just like a gentlemen, but I know he checking out my cakes. His facial expression gives him away. GD can be so obvious sometimes lol. Sorry GD these cakes stay in the bakery window for now I think to myself.
Next Stop....CANDY LAND "I could use something sweet."GD says while grinning at me and pulling out of the parking lot of the art museum. I try to think pure thought. "Hum candy sound good. Let's go to a candy shop." GD and I walk into the candy shop. His eyes widen with joy. I can see him smile. I'm super excited too. Candy shops remind me of my childhood. He grabs my arm. "Let's eat it all!" He says in a child like tone. We quickly dive in.
After have some fun and talking about our childhood over snacking on candy. We detour back to the adult road and make a stop for our next spot. We arrive at Nappa Valley for a private wine tour. Here we learn more about wine, pour up, and eat dinner here.
The sun is beginning to set and I have to change quickly for part 2 of our date. Depending on my mood I will wear either the flip flops on the top or bottom.
We join Taeyang, TOP, Desung, and Seungri for a friendly beach bond fire. They are there with their dates when GD and I arrive shortly after Seungri and his date. We laugh, talk, roast marshmallows, and make s'mores. We laugh at Seungri when he tries to stuff his face with sweet treats. Taeyang looks at me. "Ji-Yong must like you alot cuz he's always talking about you. I'm happy someone other than us can handle him!" Everyone laughs. GD blushes and throws a marshmallows at Taeyang. They wrestle around for a while. Then GD whispers to me. "Let's get away for a bit." We tell the amigos adios and head away....
We walk along the beach among the lights. He quickly holds my hand. I've been waiting for this moment. I can feel he is nervous. His hand is a bit damp and cold. But I don't mind it. The sky is dark and the moon is bright. We fund a spot to chill and watch the stars and chat. I feel like I'm going to die. I'm wondering if he can hear my heart beat and skip beats. As we talk I feel myself drowning in his seduction glares.

Can he read my mind?

Yo seriously, can I just date you hahahahh your date ideas are PERFECT hahaha
@amobigbang oooh no it's ok! It's hard to figure out how best to keep all of the challenges together sometimes! I've had the same problem! I'm glad I can see all of them though. I thought it was everything but I wanted to be sure ^_^
@shannonl5 I'm super pumped that you like them. Yes, I have put them in the games collection. I was too dumb to do a link in the first date game card. I have no idea what link address to put in. But....anyhow ENJOY 😄✌
Yay!! Are all the first dates in a collection or something? I want to read them ALLLLL