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The moment all Kylie fans and beauty fans alike have been waiting for.

*drumroll please*
Kylie has officially given us a sneak peek of her lip glosses from her soon to come Kylie Lip Kit [see card here]. If you aren't excited than I suggest you get excited quick because these colors are amazing. I had no doubt in my mind that Kylie wouldn't give us the best of the best. She's kin to Kim Kardashian, that's expected of course.
As usual Kylie debuted the pic via her instagram. The lip glosses are in our favorite shades of course: nude tones and mauve tones. So Kylie! I can't even deny that I'm a little too excited for this collection to launch. A nude and mauve lip is a staple and will never go out of style.
Talk about timeless. Way to go Kylie.
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I hope they are gloss and not matte. I hate matte.
I'm the total opposite @amobigbang
@amobigbang I'm not a big fan of matte either, but sometimes you just need a good matte.
I'm #teamgloss all day boo lol.
big fan of matte lipstick