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This is for the guy who wrecks my bias list but I still thank him for that!
AS AN international fan, i thought i should do atleast this much!
Hope he notices ;_;
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Did you make this video? Because it is adorable and I REALLY want him to see it! Come on Kookie! Come to Vingle and see this! This made me tear up because you know I totally get the fangirl feels and also, the ending XD XD
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OMG this totally reminds me of that scene from Love Actually where the guy holds up all the signs and at the end he writes "To Me, You Are Perfect" and you get all the feels. This is sooooo cute!!!
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i love it
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@poojas yess I did oh my god thankyou so much!! Ahh i wish they do, this vingle has a huge kpop community! @kpopandkimchi omg speaking of that it does!! I just realized D: thankyou so muchhh D: @B1A4BTS5ever thankyou!! I had no idea you guys replied D;
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