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If you didn't tune into the VMA's last night, you missed out.

Don't worry, I'm not referring to Justin Bieber's iconic performance or Kanye's surprising speech. I'm talking about the amazing manicures celebrities sported last night and at previous awards shows. Of course you have your celebrities who slay the red carpet, but let's talk about those celebrities whose nails always look just as good as they do.
Lucky for us, we are given a little bit of everything to entice our eyes and melt our hearts making us want to run out and get a much needed manicure. From the glitter to the shape -- these nails deserved to be nominated for an award.

If Jennifer Lopez knows how to do anything, it's be extremely stylish.

For forty years old this latin mama has me praying that I look half as good when I'm her age. She sported these black pointy nails at the MTV Movie Awards. Talk about simple, sexy and sleek. Once you go black, you never go back.

If you're wondering, this is Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala not Big Bird.

But if you take a moment and look past the bright fur and look at her nails, you will see just how amazing they are. They are the perfect shape with the perfect amount of glitter. The gold and pink glitter compliments the bright yellow fur perfectly.

Oh Nicki, your nails never fail us.

Honestly, Nicki's nail game has been on point from day one, especially last night at the VMA's. Nude nails are always the perfect combination for any look and the bit of studs to spice things up is right up her alley [mine too].

Vanessa Hudgens kept it chic yet edgy with this amazing gunmetal polish.

If you're looking for an amazing nail polish for the fall and winter seasons, thank Vanessa for setting the bar high because this is amazing. Sometimes simple is better.

Demi knew exactly what she was doing when she combined these two shades.

If you didn't think pink and nude looked amazing together, Demi Lovato proved you wrong last night on the red carpet with her stylishly long and pointy nails that matched her gorgeous see through dress perfectly.

If you're all of a sudden thinking about a manicure, just know that you're not the only one.

We all deserve one. Like now.
I really like Jennifer Lopez's nails. I also like painting my nails black, though! Girl...which reminds me...these nails are in dire need of a manicure!!
Yours? Psh!!! Let's talk about mine. Ughhh. This card definitely gave me some inspiration. I'm loving Nicki's nude, but like you said black is always a great go to! @alywoah