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Birthday Appreciation Special: September 5

Real Name: Go Jung Gi
Nickname: Honey Vocal Chords
BD: September 5 1980
Height: 182cm
Blood Type: O
-former member of Seoul Star
-debuted in 2008
-friends with Dynamic Duo, Simon D, and Lessang Kang Gary
Jei (Fiestar)
Real Name: Kim Jin Hee
Nicknames: Boyish Face Leader
BD: September 5 1989
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Blood Type: O
Instagram: kimjeii
-she was in Infinite's 'Paradise' mv
-looks similar to 4minutes HyunA (so they say)
-was cast in the 1st season of Romantic & Idol
Baro (B1A4)
Real Name: Cha Sun Woo
BD: September 5 1992
Position: Main Rapper
Blood Type: B
Instagram: therealbbro
Twitter: @baro920905