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{MM} Funniest Anime Character: Spirit Albarn
This was hard, @poojas. LOL. There are so many funny characters. But if I had to choose one, I'd go with Spirit from Soul Eater. From his epic fails as a father and trying so hard to repair that bridge with Maka to his hilarious outbursts of depression, this dude always makes me laugh.
"What on Earth are you doing, Spirit?" XD
Just looking at his face I can imagine what hes like xD
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Lolololol love Spirit...he is such a weirdo XD
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@poojas, IKR? XD
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@DanRodriguez Hahaha, yep. I love Soul Eater. It's such a good anime. I wish we could erase memories of anime and watch them over new again.\
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