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Projects that cost under $10 are AMAZING in my book! Who wants to spend $25 on an ugly peg board? I'd rather get in touch with my inner creative self and spend half as much on something that I made that is cute and totally my style!
This one comes from Mandi Johnson of A Beautiful Mess.

Supplies Needed:

-metal grate
-4 cup hooks (Size and length is up to you, but don't get any that are too fat.)
-4 drywall anchors that fit your cup hooks
-power drill with drill bit
Step One: Determine where you want the memo board to hang. Hold the steel grate in place and use a level to make sure it's straight. Using a pencil, mark out spots on the wall where you want the hooks to go. This is where you will be drilling holes in the next step and eventually where the hooks will fit between the holes in the grate to support it.
Step Two: Drill holes exactly on center with the marks you made in step one. The holes should be about the size of your drywall anchors. It's better to start with a hole a bit smaller than you think you will need, and then to go back and make it bigger if necessary.
Step Three: Tap the drywall anchor into place with a hammer. It should be a bit snug, but you shouldn't crush the anchor as you hammer. If the fit is too tight, try a larger drill bit to make the hole a bit bigger.
Step Four: Twist the hooks into place. You might find the next step easier if you wait to place the grate up to the wall before adding the hooks. If so, you can easily take out the hooks and put them back in, thanks to the drywall anchors.
Step Five: Hang your steel grate using the hooks for support. You can twist the hooks around until you get a good, level fit.