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The fabric on this stool is so cute! But don't try looking for this at a store, or even online because it's handmade with bleach! This is an old trick for tie dying fabrics but it's a cool way to update a piece of bold colored fabric for another use.
If you want to see how to make a stool cover like this, but made out of faux fur (for the chilly holidays coming up), then be sure to click here when you're finished making your bleach speckled fabric!

Supplies Needed:

-concentrated bleach
-paint brush (An angled brush like this works best.)
-small basin
-drop clothes or tarp
-heavyweight washable fabric (like twill)
Tip: Wear old clothes that can get ruined with bleach splashes without breaking your heart.
Preparing to bleach the fabric: Lay out your fabric on top of a tarp or drop cloth. This process shouldn't produce splashing, but you'll want to protect the area around your fabric just in case.
Soak your brush in a small basin of concentrated bleach. Before dropping the bleach onto your fabric, make sure the brush isn't dripping too profusely with bleach. You don't want to get drip lines, like you can see on the top left corner of my fabric. The bleach shouldn't drip off the brush until you have it in place over the fabric.
Techniques for dripping the bleach: You should have enough bleach on your brush that it will drip, but not until you hold the brush still. Move the brush into place above the fabric and just hold it, directing the bleach down to the angled tip of your brush. The bleach will drop off and onto your fabric.
The longer you let the bleach drip in one spot, the larger the mark left by the bleach will be. Once the bleach stops dripping easily, You can shake the brush (in a vertical, not diagonal motion) to create smaller splatters on the fabric. Then soak the brush again, make sure it's not dripping too much, then keep adding more spots.
The bleached effect will appear pretty quickly after the liquid hits the fabric, which makes it easy to envision your design as you make your way across the fabric.
Wash the fabric. Allow the bleach to sit on the fabric long enough for all of the spots to be uniform in color, but don't let the bleach sit any longer than that or it will destroy the integrity of the fibers.
It's important to run the fabric through a cold rinse cycle before putting it through a regular wash cycle with laundry detergent. Don't wash it with other linens, as this may cause any residual bleach to destroy other items in the washing machine.
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