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So Me and My dear Father Decided to Go on a Mini Adventure to The Incredibly Amazing Inida. We booked the cheapest flight from AbuDhabi To Mombay Without No planining no Hotel Reservation and Absolutley No luggage just Two Small suitecases and my small backpack. After a long 10 hour layover in The UAE we finally arrived at our first destination at the middle of the night, extremely tired and Jet-Lagged we could'nt even search for a Fine dinner. we tucked our selves into our sweet 3 stars hotel room in a creepy street in Bombay. After some solid hours of Sleeping and Unpacking we finally open our windows and we have seen a huge market full of people and clothes hanged and those rubbish and poor ways of living under tin houses and dirty streets and The extremly bad smell of animals and polution. We went out after an average dinner and the first thing I felt was my facial skin just got hit by a massive black air coming out of those fameous asian Tuk-Tuks. [To be countinued...] (This is my First ever typing thing so please leave me some feedback) Pictures Will come Later On. If not please check my IG @sahliabdou37 thank you
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first of all its mumbai or bombay not mombay:p it seems your budget is quite low to visit any destination and your expectations are quite high