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if you don't already, go check out her channel on YouTube and follow her... she's awesome
@kpopandkimchi, her opinion isn't shared by everyone but I have met many who share an opinion very close to hers
It's always problematic to have one person speaking for an entire country, but I think her point of view is interesting
I have Korean friends and Korean-American friends. I've heard this same opinion or very similar opinion from both. I think she's pretty spot on. Lol once I wore a JYJ pendant on my earring and my Korean-America friend (this was the first time I met her) thought I was weird as hell. She doesn't understand the struggle.
her point of view has some things I've heard, but from my friends who are from Korea that are only in America for an internship, I became friends with them by asking if they like BigBang and saying I like kpop. they loved it they thought it was or we ally cool that a foreigner enjoyed their music.
Her POV has things I've heard from some of my Korean friends in school...Whenever I wear something of kpop they look at me weird I'm like what I love everything abt kpop which was in 6th grade but now I'm like I love specific idol groups and my Korean friends don't look at me weird anymore. They sometimes don't understand the struggles of us international fans