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So tomorrow I start my first day of college, yikes... I'm incredibly nervous because I'm going to have to be at the school all day which means I have to eat at the cafeteria... I'm scared to do something stupid that will be embarrassing... I'm also worried they won't have food that I like because I'm so picky.
I have math for three hours also! For the start of my day! Do you like, get breaks in classes that long....? I'm also scared that the teacher will expect us to have our books and call me out in front of the class.
But I also have Japanese tomorrow which is the one class I'm really looking forward to. I think I can make friends in there, the only problem is I'm not sure if I rented the right Japanese book....
One good thing is: MY BEST FRIEND AND I MADE A PLAN TO SKYPE TOMORROW! We both miss each other so much and this is going to be awesome I haven't seen her since we went to Monterey together 3 weeks ago and we both miss seeing each other every day.
Overall I'm still very worried about most things. This is the biggest change I've had to go through. I've gone to school with the same 150 people for 9 years, had the same teachers for 3-7 years and now I'm going to an all new place with thousands of people and new teachers. It's scary. But I think I'm going to finally be happy here
Math for THREE HOURS?!?! Just remember that 1+1= Gwiyomi!!!!
You know, I think you're right. We should fix that. :/ @kpopandkimchi
@majesticx @felicityautumn I feel like a lot of colleges offer Japanese and Chinese, but finding Korean is a lot harder!
@felicityautumn it's a community college in California
What college?!?! I am learning Japanese and there aren't colleges near me that have that as an option. And don't worry! We are all here for ya! Fighting!!!! ^.^
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