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You know that the seasons are changing when faux fur starts making its way to the store shelves. I love this cute stool idea for back to school. It's a small piece of furniture that you can DIY for little money. Plus, the small size of the furniture means it won't take up a lot of space.
This is a Mandi Johnson (A Beautiful Mess) project that I found online. Take a look at how easy this is to make!

Supplies Needed:

15" round piece of wood (pre-cut from hardware stores)
2 pieces of 2-3" thick slabs of high density foam
staple gun + 1/2" staples (I tried using 1/4" staples and they were a bit too short.)
4 short legs
4 leg mounting plates
Stain + brush (If the legs need stained, plus mineral spirits for cleanup)
Drill + drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw on the table legs
1/2 yard of faux fur fabric
Fabric scissors

Optional finishing materials:

15" round piece of muslin fabric
1 pack of nailheads
glue gun
Step 1: Stain the legs. I used one coat of Early American Minwax stain and wiped it off with a paper towel.
Step 2: Cut out the foam. Lay the round piece of wood over each slab of foam and trace around it with a marker. Cut it out by dragging the knife over and over until it's cut. Don't worry if it's not perfect!
Step 3: Stack the two pieces of foam on top of the batting, and lay the wood piece on top. Gently pull the batting around the foam and staple it to the face of the wood circle, just at the edge.
Step 4: Trim the overhang batting really close to the staples.
Step 5: Lay the batting covered circle foam-side-down onto the back side of the faux fur fabric. Staple the four sides of the square of fabric onto the wood, just past where the batting ended. The remaining bunches of fabric should be pulled into a big pleat and stapled too. Leave a 1 1/5" unstapled area of fabric where you will be attaching the legs. These will be in four equidistant spots around the edge of the circle, and I found the middle of pleats an easy place to leave unstapled.
Step 6: Now cut away a 1" square of fabric in those spaces where you left out the staples. Remember, they should be equally spaced around the edge of the circle, because this is where you are attaching the leg plates and legs. Drill a pilot hole a bit smaller than the screw mount of your legs in the 4 equidistant spaces. Be careful to keep the drill perpendiculare to the wooden circle, or your legs will be tilted.
Step 7: Screw in the legs, being careful to keep them straight as you gently screw them in.
Remember, it doesn't have to look "pretty" on the bottom of the stool. Using faux fur is bulky enough to look cute "messy".
If you followed this card from the bleach speckled fabric I wrote about earlier (which you can see here), then be sure to look here for even more cool projects you can do this Fall!
absolutely love this idea!!!
Thank you @jordanhamilton Are you going to make one for you? And don't you love the legs?! Super cute! <3 <3
You are very welcome!!! And I def think I may go ahead & make one. I loveeeeeee the legs 😉 @DaniaChicago