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Here it is, Natsu Salamander also known as THE FUNNIEST CHARACTER I HAVE EVER KNOWN! Plus, he undestands us girls. YEAH! 1st of all the butt shaking. *facepalm*
The desperate need to eat basically makes me happy because I HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH HIM! HA YES!
A few gifs for the Salamander.
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LOL. Yeah, he's funny. I love that scene when he's on the train with Erza Scarlet and she punches him HARD in the stomach. XD
@biancadanica98 @corinazurk It's Natsuuuuuuuuuu! His dancing gif is hilarious! Awesome one @NerukaWong! :)
I totally remember this xD .. natsu's twerking skills are on point ^-^ ♡
I love this lol Natsu is to funny!
Natsu is my favorite character, he is just too funny