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Bigbang being : 1: cute 2: girls 3: gangsters 4/5 : each others matras 6 : animals 7 : Muppets 8 : Bigbang Bigbang : 9: turning their backs to us 10: eye shots
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@ Marilovexoxo gd makes you doubt your sexuality like forreal he's hot when he's a dude and now he's hot like a girl my god
2 years ago·Reply
@chellax2112x right!! like how is that even possible GD is too much
2 years ago·Reply
@Marilovexoxo Gd is just Gd and I think we'll never understand how he does his things and how he looks hotter than us as a girl he said it already he's just *One of a kind * ♥
2 years ago·Reply
@chellax2112x I agree definitely One of a kind and definitely the greatest ever♡
2 years ago·Reply
@Marilovexoxo Jup he is and always will be the king ~♥~
2 years ago·Reply