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With fall comes boots and a lot of them.

Most women are fans of heels, if you're anything like myself than you happen to be a huge fan of boots. While women will splurge and spend tons of money on six inch heels, I will do the same when it comes to an amazing pair of boots. I'm a firm believer that boots happen to be one pair of shoes that will take you far. You can wear them in pretty much every season and pretty much all weather. What's not to love? Talk about being versatile and all around convenient. They come in a plethora of styles and heights that suit your preference.
Whether you prefer a flat boot that hits your ankle or a thigh high boot with stilettos, there's something for everyone. If you're searching for the perfect boot for the upcoming season, sit back and relax while I assist you with five boots that will take you through the fall [and every other season there after].

The Chelsea Boot

Every woman should own at least one pair of chelsea boots in all black. Chelsea boots are the perfect low cut ankle boot that can literally go with pretty much any outfit, dressed up or dressed down. You have the choice to go with suede, leather or patent leather. I always feel that leather is the best choice.

The Combat Boot

Better known as lace up boots are super stylish with a splash of edge. These boots have been around for decades and the most famous pair of combat boots around are known as Dr. Martens [they were extremely popular during the grunge stage in the 90s]. Although you may think these boots can only be worn with casual looks, you can def throw on something a little more dressy with these boots to balance the entire look out.

The Knee High Boot

You've pretty much seen any and every celebrity rock a pair of knee highs, especially our favorite Kardashian. Not only do knee high boots make you appear taller, but they can transform any outfit within matter of minutes making it look more sophisticated and put together.

The Rain Boot

No matter where you live, it's bound to rain. It's always good to have a pair of rain boots handy for those days when the rain just doesn't want you to be great. No longer are the days when all rain boots looked the same. Now you can spice things up and get a pair that fit your style and personality perfectly.
These boots will allow you to stay both warm and stylish throughout the cooler months. There are so many options to choose between, you might as well enjoy them all.

Ladies, what's your favorite style of boot?

yes! when it comes to boots, it's all about being comfortable. I can do a heeled boot every now and then, but for the most part I'm all for flat boots for a chunky heel @Offical0RiaChan
Personally, I really like high heeled boots, or flat ones like the ones in the gif. I just find them extremely comfortable.
Aren't they amazing? @amobigbang
ah man I want thoses!
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