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Hello, and welcome to the Funny Community! This is a very strange and special place for Vinglers to share memes, gifs, funny news and videos, or even participate in a number of our community games and challenges!
Effective September 2015, there are some ground rules for contributing in the Funny Community to make sure that this remains a fun place for everyone.

House Rules:

1. Vingle is a service for ages 13 and up, so keep in mind that there are people of all ages using this site! Pornography, elicit drug use, violence, and certain levels of profanity will not be allowed. (Pro Tip: If you can say it in a PG-13 movie, you can say it in a card. Just be careful!)
2. No racist humor. The Funny Community is enjoyed by users of many different countries, so be mindful of who you might offend with the cards you're posting.
3. Have fun, and be weird! The Funny Community prides itself on being the strangest, silliest community on Vingle. Remember to always let your freak flag fly!
If you have any questions regarding the rules, the community, or Vingle in general, feel free to reach out to me via direct message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Thank youuuuu!
- Dani the Funny Moderator
rules are rules
Thank you for letting us know!
These seem like really good rules!