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So today is Monday which means @poojas has uploaded a new Monday Madness challenge {MM} which you can check out > here <
My choice for funniest character it Ashiya Shirou from the Anime "The Devil is a Part-timer" (it comes subbed and dubbed. Its only about 13 episodes,and I find it ultimately hilarious. So i would recommend it)
Shirou is a demon butler, and the greatest one out there in my opinion (Sorry Sebastian lol) . . But that doesn't mean he's great with his timing
He's missed TWO almost world ending battles why you may ask? because of his cape , sorry I mean his 'mantle'
It's no power cape if you're wondering, it's just cloth.....but it's his cape and you can't fight battles without a cape
This guy is always looking our for his master, even in life threatening moments.
Grocery shopping is no joke, it's a battle that must be preformed perfectly. lol
If you're not convinced, just check out the anime he's so much greater animated. (I tried to find a video to share of his greatest moments but they all came up with other things in it, like promotions and irrelevant stories) I hope you guys do this MM, i'll be looking for your card :)
Is it possible to fall for a character without watching the anime first, because I think I just did... And as usual, wonderful card with a great title. I lost it at the "What is this, Super Size Me?" gif LOL
Thank you :D And dont worry its possible, besides I don't blame you how could someone not like Shirou lol . . if you do decide to watch the anime, on the first episode (no spoilers, just a heads up) they speak alot in some "alien" like language, so some things won't be translated. Its not broken (i thought it was lol) It was meant to be that way but the other episodes will translate perfectly :P @poojas