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So if you didn't see the 2015 MTV Video Music missed a lot. Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Kany West, Fall Out Boy and more were all in attendance and made some pretty crazy TV moments.But that's not the important thing right? The important thing is the music! Here's a playlist of some of the winners' best tracks.

1. Nicki Minaj / Anaconda

Winner of the "Best RapVideo" VMA Minaj called out Miley Cyrus for some comments in an interview with Rolling Stone. This made for a pretty wild VMA moment, where the rapper looked like she was about to fight Cyrus on stage. Check yourself before you wreck yourself Miley.

2. Fetty Wap / Trap Queen

Much of the music world was expecting this song of the summer to fizzle, but Fetty Wap hung on and won the "Artist to Watch" VMA. He didn't do anything controversial, but this song is pretty damn catchy and you just might be singing along to it long after summer ends.

3. Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars / Uptown Funk

This hot track was in every club and every car for the entire summer. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing it, and that's why it won Best Male Video. Quintessentially Ronson, as far as songwriting, but typically Bruno stylistically. Great track all around.

4. OK Go / I Won't Let You Down

The lesser known Best Choreography VMA didn't go to a pop or hip-hop artist. Oh no, it went to OK GO, whose videos have been amazing audiences since the famous Treadmill video, by way of single "Here It Goes Again". This video is incredible, and I'm glad it won something! It calls back to the big overhead shots in those old-timey musical flicks. The song, solid as well.

5. Fall Out Boy / Uma Thurman

So excited that FOB won another VMA, this time for Best Rock Video. The unfortunate thing is that MTV didn't deem it worthy of being televised (but we have to watch Taylor Swift go up for like...7 awards.) Bring rock music back to MTV, in fact...bring music back to MTV. That's a post for another time though.

6. Taylor Swift / Bad Blood

Well, this won Video of the Year. That's all I'll say. Swift took home 4 awards and was joined on stage with her 800 million Bad Blood co-stars.

7. Kanye West / Runaway

This is my favorite Kanye West video. He took home the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award which was previously given to Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. West gave a pretty insane speech and was revered and cheered on by all at the show. Go Yeezy. He's also planning on running for president in 2020. Hell, I'd vote for him.