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I was tagged in this challenge by @kpopandkimchi to list some of my favorite kdrama kisses. This was really fun to do so I would like to tag @AgentLeo @AimeeH @Taijiotter @stevieq @sarahmoss @notika @jiggzy19 and @SHINee808 to give it a try as well. If you looked at this card consider yourself challenged as well xD

1. Flower Boy Next Door: Park Shin Hye x Yoon Si Yoon

2. Good Doctor:

Joo Won x Moon Chae Won

3. Personal Taste: Lee Min Ho x Son Ye Jin

4. Rooftop Prince: Park Yoo Chun x Han Ji Min

5. Healer: Park Min Young x Ji Chang Wook.

6. Kill Me, Heal Me: Ji Sung x Hwang Jung Eum

7. My Unfortunate Boyfriend: No Min Wo x Yang Jin Sung

8. King Of High School: Seo In Guk x Lee Ha Na

9. Divorce Lawyer In Love: Yeon Woo Jin x Jo Yeon Jung

10. I Remember You: Seo In Guk x Jang Na Ra

And I would like to end with....

11. Full House Take 2:

No Min Wo x Park Ki Woong

These are my fav K drama kisses. Each one of these made me flail on my bed .I know I used Seo In Guk and No Min Wo twice BUT THEY ARE JUST THAT GOOD xD. Cannot wait to see your favorite kisses . Tag me in your cards so I can see ! Bye for now. ✌
* I do not own these beautiful vids and gifs*
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Def not uncle Jessie...a much finer specimen.
done with Full House 2....any suggestions for my next watch?
@AlexaCipolla @CleoHoney @goinnutz22 I miss Kill me Heal me sooooooooo much and Full house 2 was absolutely perfect I might rewatch xD.If you haven't you should watch Ho gu's love (fools love) it is unbelievably hilarious and it's full of misunderstandings xD
Who were the two guys in the beginning!!!???
@MaricelvaRomero Oh those beautiful boys are No Min Wo and Park Ki Woong and that scene is from the drama Full House Take 2 lol