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Hey all you beautiful Vinglers! I was thinking the other day about my daily commute to and from work, and how I generally try to fill that time by listening to music or reading a book. It's nice, pretty relaxing, and it certainly beats doing nothing at all on the train.
Anyway, the other day, I was thinking about these things that I fill my commute with, and then I wondered whether it would be possible for youto fill it with reading manga instead of regular books. I read all of my mangas on the interwebs anyway, so it should be possible from mobile, right?
As it turns out, you totally can! I found this app called ZingBox that basically lets you access the major manga translation providers on the internet. I personally use MangaPanda for all my manga needs, and the app lets me go through them for it.
What's cool about the app is you can read the mangas off of wifi or data, or download them to the app to peruse them later on. So, you could download them at home and then have them all ready to read when you're on the train to work. Ideal situation.
I know there's manga fans out there who might appreciate this! @pikapixie @biancadanica98 @poojas @veronicaartino
I've been looking for one for a long time! ^_^ arigato!!
i know what I'm getting for my daily commutes :D thanks!
Mangas off wifi on my mobile? Yes please!!!
I have this app! I love it >_<
@butterflyblu I actually haven't checked it out before but I absolutely will now. I'm only reading a few mangas at the moment, so I could certainly add more to it, and I honestly don't think I've read any manhwa before, so it would pay for me to expand my horizons. thanks for the head's up! and don't worry about the typos lol
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