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Sorry if I'm a little late on the tag, but thanks to @B2STANG88 for tagging me.
1) My name is Micayah, but I usually go by Micah
2) I was born in Colorado, but grew up and now reside in Upstate New York (the country side, not city)
3) I'm a total fangirl!! It's basically ruined my life but I don't regret it💜
4) I'm forever a Shawol, because SHINee started my love for Kpop and they're simply amazing. I'm also an A.R.M.Y (BTS), EXOtic, and Starlight(VIXX)
5) My ultimate bias is Taemin!!!❤️💜But my bias from other groups are V, Sehun, and Leo and lots more
6) My favorite song at the moment is beautiful liar❤️, but my favorite song changes with each comeback sometimes.😂 Beautiful Liar is just a beautiful bitter sweet song with the angel vocals of Leo and deep voiced Ravi 💜
7) I'm obsessed with Kdramas so I have many favorites here's just a few of them. "Heirs"...the perfect drama for me and it has my favorite actor and actress together!!! "Secret Garden" was funny and cute and I loved "I can hear your voice"💜❤️
@laugh7love7live Can confirm, am also obsessed with how their different voices work together!!! Nice to meet youuuu :)
I love how Upstate New York is like, the whole state hahahaha and @byeolbit and @jiggzy19 are way too obsessed with Beautiful Liar too!
so cute and I forgot taemin I feel bad now and was we supposed to put a pic up whoops and thanks for the tag lol
Thanks for the tag! I'll do it cuz I haven't yet