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What do you picture when you walk down the aisle? What comes to mind?
I am sharing this over-the-top ceremony aisle with you because it's completely unexpected and rich with glamour! I won't lie--I LOVE THIS! Is it for everyone? Definitely not! However, the point I want to make here isn't so much style as permission to DO WHAT YOU WANT!
I have heard from the mouths of so many brides, "Well what do most brides do?" While, there's merit in getting a firm understanding of traditions and standard wedding protocol, my contention is that many brides are not listening to themselves. To their own personal style. Their temperament and personality.
If you want to go over-the-top with grand urns, candles galore and sheer magnificence, then you SHOULD do it. If you prefer to wander in a field of daisies and wild wheat to meet your groom, then that's what you should do. If you want to march down the aisle the same way your grandmother did it at church 60 years ago, then go for it!
Do what YOU WANT. Make your day yours, completely.
In case you're wondering, the design you see here in the photo is from Sara Haywood Weddings. Her specialty is creating spaces and environments that are legendary, luxe and jaw-dropping.