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Ok, so we were all wrong - again - when we tried to write off Bartolo Colon.

Colon dominated last night - and I mean dominated - as the Mets cruised to a 3-1 win in the series opener with the Phillies.
The Mets are now 13-1 against the Phillies this season. There's nothing better than watching the Mets dismantle their bitter rivals night and night out.
The win, behind the strength of homers by Michael Conforto and Curtis Granderson, erased any bad taste that a weekend series loss to the Red Sox may have left.
It was a great game, and that's all thanks to Colon.

I'll admit it:

In the middle of the season when he struggled, I thought Colon was done.

I didn't think we'd see an effective Bartolo ever again, and frankly the logic was pretty sure. He was old coming in to the season and was far from perfect last year (though he was solid overall). He started this season red hot, but when he cooled, I figured we had stretched him for all his worth.

Boy, was I wrong.

In his last 2 starts, the big man has pitched 15.0 innings without allowing a run. He's walked just three, and - get this - he has 17 strikeouts.
Striking out batters has never been Colon's game. What happened?
In his past outing, he changed his approach altogether and relied on a rarely-seen curveball to completely baffle hitters who have seen Colon throw fastball after fastball for a decade - kind of like the one you see above.
Last night he was back to the fastball mostly, and it was a good one. That's the thing with Colon's fastball - it's not really just one pitch at all. It dips and curves and changes speeds and changes heights and looks nothing like a traditional four-seamer.
Colon is fun to watch and he's even more fun to root for, and by all accounts he's a great guy to have in the clubhouse.
He's quietly putting together a totally respectable season, especially when you factor in that he's basically the fifth starter (sometimes even the sixth) on the staff - not to mention the invaluable advice he's given youngsters Syndergaard and Matz as they establish themselves as real studs.
Big Bartolo is the type of guy you want on your team, even if he isn's pitching.

He's got the right attitude for a Mets team that is priming itself for a major postseason run, and I'm happy he'll be along for the ride - especially if he keeps pitching like this.