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Fall is upon us, yes, we all know, so who better to get us in the groove than Ely Marino?! Expert makeup artist and more, here's how to jump-start the Fall season with a smoky violet cast. Depending on your skin tone, you may want to take this a shade lighter or darker, depending on what your comfortable with wearing.
Notice, that for this design there are no cut creases. If that's something you like to do, then do it. However, when you're introducing a Fall look as dramatic as this, it's best to avoid cut creases, as this brings more dimension and drama to an already dramatic look.
However, to each their own. Wear your makeup the way YOU LIKE! Be your most comfortable, your most beautiful and most confident in your makeup application. Have fun with it and don't ever let others shame you for your look.
1. Begin by applying a matte highlight to your brow bone like "Ivory" (My Beauty Weapon Palette
2. Taking "Plum" (My Beauty Weapon Palette) blend slightly above the crease
3. Using "Beyond" shadow Pat onto the entire lid and then using a fluffy brush blend in the crease until you have a smooth transition
4. Using a POP of color Pat "Mood Light" (Party Weapon Palette) onto the center of the lid
5. Line the lower water line using "Little Black Dress" gel liner and smudge out using "Beyond" & "Plum" shadow! Highlight the inner corner of the eyes using "Ivory" (same color as brow bone color)
Lashes: Flutter Lashes Inc. "Judy"
* All makeup Motives Cosmetics unless otherwise stated.