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Sick of Donald Trump and his crazy anticts? Need to take out that anger and frustration? Then look no further, piñata maker Dalton Remirez designed something just for you: a Donald Trump piñata.
It’s a Trump-ata. So you can literally take a stick to Trump’s face. And where is most popular? You guessed it, Mexico. Trump has been called out multiple times for being kinda a big, fat jerk to Mexican’s. Calling them criminals and rapists.
This almost life-size pinata is also a hit in the United States:
"I wanted some new ideas for piñatas that people would want to buy because our sales were down,” Ramirez told NPR, “...I never thought they would want this piñata all over the US. They're ordering them for demonstrations and marches. I even have a museum in Houston that wants one."
In addition to the Trump Piñata, Remirez makes a bunch of U.S. political figure piñata’s, including Obama and Hillary Clinton. So you know, if you are really feeling some political anger, you can go to town on the whole crew.
So, maybe this is a more constructive way to take out our anger at the presidential candidate? I think so...
I need to get me one of these so that I can take out all of my anger about him out on a pinata version of him! And get candy at the end :)
@nicolejb At least he's filled with delicious things, I assume.
I know right @danidee! I think it’s about the same rage that I would give to a Trump Piñata!
I want one!!
@danidee @nicolejb @JordanNash knock all the sweetness out of him lol
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