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CL attended the VMAs a few nights ago and it was basically a shit show.
Nicki and Miley got into a fight, Kanye is running for president, Taylor Swift had scary make up on, it was just insane.

I wonder if CL is regretting her decision to jump into the mess that is the American music scene...

Peace out America!

She was probably texting GD, "You will NOT believe what is going down."
yeah the vmas this year were extremely stupid I loved demi lovatos performance and thats about it CL is brave for coming here because most of American music these days is trash
I actually get kind of annoyed when people say american music is trash. Its like do you not know that majority if not all of your idols are influenced by american music. And not all of if is bad. Not every artist is trash and makes trashy music. Lumping them all together like that isn't fair. Now as for the VMAs I knew it was going to be a mess. I haven't watched it in a long time and if isn't like what if used to be. And honestly I'm not surprised. We all know MTV cares more about reality TV now. So don't be surprised.
Maybe she was taking notes on how not to act as an artist. I hate the VMA's. They have no relevance to anything other than being a soapbox glamour show.
to be honest the only performance i enjoyed was justin biebers it was not over the top and it was not simple cause he "stated flying" but yeah that was my favorite i got be honest
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