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okay here it goes try to find out which 3 was a vampire and which 2 is not
if you can get all three of them correct I will tell you all about the dream I had exclusively for the winners only and the pictures of the guys are vampires but you have to get all three of them write in order.
who was bitten first who was bitten second who was bitten third let the find out which one out of the three and put them in order
let's all play a game Big Bang the vampires
I vote TOP, GD, and Taeyang I would like to add panda oppa for fun because of his eyes..... isn't it believable????
hmmmm I think that Daesung is first, Seungri is second and Top is third while Taeyang and GD don't become vampires
Seungri and Daesung are not vampires lol
I think Top was first , Seungri was second and Gd was third taeyang and daesung weren't vampires
nope sorry 2 of 3 right
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