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@buddyesd inspired me, I'm going to tell you all about my most embarrassing moment (one of them anyway).

Are you ready?!

So, I'm a stage manager.

Well, I'm really a freelancer. I work for a tech startup, do audiobooks, and stage manage. That's the important one. Stage managers are the people who work in a theater to make sure everything runs smoothly. The lights, the sounds, keeping all the props in order, making sure the actors have their cues... it's not an easy job. It can be a lot of fun! Except when things go wrong...

And one night, things went very, very wrong.

During the middle of a run, the sound designer was called back in to adjust some of the levels. No big deal. He got there before I did, and when I checked in with him he told me everything was ready to go. He lied. Not intentionally of course, and I should have checked to see that everything was okay. The sound for the projections had not been turned on all the way (it was 'on', but the setup required a second 'ghost' switch, or else it would not run the sound). And there were a lot of projections in that show.

There were so many.

Of course, we didn't realize there was a problem until the show was already started! I frantically whispered into my headset, telling everyone to hold. But no one could hear me! We'd managed to use up all the power in the building, and my headset was completely dead. I could hear everyone else, but no one could hear me. And I was all alone in a booth separate from everyone else, I couldn't get out without disturbing the audience!
We didn't manage to get the issue fixed until the show was over. It was very sad. Just goes to show you: 'trust, but verify' is usually a good policy when it comes to things like this!
Thanks to @virginvingler for creating this challenge. I hope to see lots of funny stories from all of my Vingle friends!

^^Me, after that show^^

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@shannonl5 don't feel bad, i once had a female supervisor that accidentally had dirty mop water thrown on her from a second floor balcony as she was walking out. she was super embarrassed and the guy felt so bad
@buddyesd oh my goodness nooooo that's terrible. I was at work once and we went out for lunch and a bird pooped on my coworker. I feel like when stuff like that happens you should be allowed to go home XD
@shannonl5 but that's supposed to be good luck lol
@buddyesd lol I don't know if that would have comforted her
@shannonl5 i guess you have a point lol