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Who Influenced Justin Bieber's Latest Haircut?
As Justin Bieber's career evolved, so does his hair. Take a look at how his coiffure changed over the years and who might have influenced his latest cut.
The Bieber Swoop. This was his iconic hairstyle when he debuted "Baby" and it stuck around with him for a couple of years before he...
Change it up in 2011 with a more mature, choppier texture and a shade lighter.
In the same year (2011), his color became blonder and choppier. His swoop style is also slowly transitioning away from his roots.
During 2012, Bieber experimented with a voluminous slick back hair, which later become one of the most popular hairstyle for men.
2014 was a tough year for Bieber. His public image was tainted but he covered it up with a perfectly combed coiffure and slick suit to sharpen up his look.
Early 2015, Bieber went platinum blonde and it also looks like he wasn't pleased with his hairstyle, so he was seen with a new accessory. A cap.
Just two days ago at VMA, Bieber, once again debuted a new hairstyle. He sported a longer bang and a deep side part. even compiled a list of bad jokes about Bieber's new hairdo ( None of them makes sense....
I personally think Bieber was inspired by G-Dragon. They performed together back in 2010, so they're buddies. Also, G-Dragon personally advertised Bieber's new single "What Do You Mean?" on his Instagram.

Put them together, they'll be "Fantastic Baby!"

What do you think?
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@KiKi29 I believe they performed together in 2010.
2 years ago·Reply
haha the first time I saw the picture of his new hair, I automatically thought of GD. later, I found this post. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it.
2 years ago·Reply
he looks like malfoy off of Harry potter hahaha
2 years ago·Reply
when I see it, I think more of Davey Havok... and that makes me mad. NO ONE SCREWS UP DAVEY'S HAIR. ... I'm done
2 years ago·Reply
Wow I never realized how good of a jaw he has
a year ago·Reply