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Okay i was tagged by my doll baby @najalong1998 to do kisses that stole my heart and gave me the absolute overdrive of the feelings. So, here they are.
1) Moon Embraces the Sun... This whole series had me in the feels from ep 1. I never wanted to break my computer more than anything. King Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) and Sol (Han Ga-In) had me in the feels. I got so excited but shouted *FINALLY* when he went for the kiss. Pretty sure i woke my family up at 4am when I watched this...
2) Boys over Flowers. When Ji-Hoo kissed Jan-Di I felt the worst, but best at the same time. I wanted her to be with him, and that kiss got me in the feels, for I knew that they would not end up together. That was by far the most heart jolting kiss I have ever seen.
3) Boy's over Flowers fav kiss scene 2 Jan-Di and Goo Jun-Pyo I thought this kiss was sweet too. Even if he was a jerk, he tried his hardest to show Jan-Di the good side of him and that he cared about her.
4) Flower Boy Ramyun Shop This is one of my other favorite kisses. Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il-Woo) & Eun Bi (Lee Chang Ah) definitely put the feels in a box and sent them to me!! I wanted to hate him but I couldn't when I saw his passionate kiss with Eun Bi.
5) Rooftop Prince... I mean this one of course is mandatory to put in my card. Yi Gak (Park Yoochun) & Park Ha (Han Ji Min) Feels were overflowing. #TeamYiHa!
6) First Shop of Coffee Prince. This was a cute series. I loved how he got nervous around her.
6) Cheongdam-Dong Alice. Starring Moon Geun-young, Park Si-hoo! I loved loved loved his neurotic character and got happy when they kissed, since he really liked her! *Le sigh* *total babe!*
So here are some of my favorites! i unfortunately do not own any of these beautiful men or pics, video, and gifs used.
@jaywoveu haha! yes! I do too!
Omg that pic of shut up let's go/flower boy band XD. I loved that drama and it made me cry too but the ending was satisfying.
@laugh7love7live yes I agree! I love that kiss!
Loved the ramen shop kiss, one of the only more passionate kisses I've seen so far in Kdramas ❀️