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The Best Thing Ever?
I spent the last 20 minutes dying of laughter, crying my eyes out. My lungs hurt. This is great. 10/8 g8, m8.
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@danidee What's the point of asking, then? 馃槖馃槖馃槣
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Buhahaha, I'm kidding. I won't steal from you. Pinky promise, Brandon. (B-don. B-dawg. Beastdon. Sorry, I've had a lot of coffee today.)
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@danidee haha I didn't come up with it XD You're free to use anything you'd like to ^.^ I'd be honored for such a rad person like yourself to find anything I post or say amusing enough to the point where you'd want to use it too ;D (Was that enough flattery? XD)
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OH YOU STOP. You're gonna make me blush lol.
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