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My Favorite Funny Movie: 'South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut'

So when I was in high school, 'South Park fever' was in full swing, and anyone who was anyone went to go see the new South Park movie with their friends. Except for me, who discovered it, like, six months later when everyone was already over it.
But then I saw it. And I was like:


And here's why:

First, it's a musical.

Do you know what's funnier than Cartman, Kenny, and Mr. Garrison combined? The fact that it was a MUSICAL. All of the songs were just as obscenity-laden as a South Park episode, but they were SO GOOD - so much so that the score was nominated for an Oscar in 1999.

Second, the Canada joke are hilarious.

I'm sorry, but if you don't think the "I'M NOT YOUR GUYYYY, FRIEEEENDDDDD." scene is the funniest thing in the entire universe, I don't think I can talk to you.

The bad guy is Saddam Hussein.

Basically, Saddam Hussein is in a romantic relationship with Satan - in true South Park form. Using his manipulative ways, Saddam convinces Satan to partner up with him and take over the world. He also gets his own solo musical number.

And then there's Mr. Mackey's "M'kay" song.

Through a very strangely 'Sound of Music' style song, guidance counselor Mr. Mackey teaches the kids all about how to stop yourself from cursing, ie: swapping out 'ass' for the cleaner word 'buns'. Because of this song, 'buns-hole' will always be my go-to insult.

The kids start a 'Les Mis' rebellion.

When Terrance and Phillip, the kids' favorite TV hosts, are sentenced to death, Stan, Kyle, and the rest of the South Park kids get together to create 'La Résistance', a rebel militia complete with their very own 'Les Mis'-style battle song.

And Big Gay Al is the execution's musical guest.

You might remember Big Gay Al as a South Park cult favorite, and he's back with his very own musical number - "I'm Thuper (Thanks For Asking)". Basically, the song is as campy and ridiculous as the title (and the character himself!) implies.
So that's my favorite funny movie! If you haven't done this week's funny writing challenge 'What's Your Favorite Funny Movie?', feel free to share your response in the Funny Community this week. (And don't forget to tag me!)
OF COURSE! More Times than I can count. I fell asleep to it a lot when my sleeping issues got bad in High School. I'd always fall asleep at the part where Kyle's mom catches Cartman singing. lol
I effing love South Park. It's shrewd and funny. Very good satire and just fun to watch!!
@nippps and butz
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