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First off, thanks to @danidee for this challenge!
This is one of my most favorite movies, and definitely my favorite comedy. The characters are extremely memorable and funny, and the plot is hilarious and lighthearted. The movie is really just about a few kids in high school who want to have a fun day off.
This movie has so many great quotes, I really don't know where to start off... although, I'm sure you have all heard the classic "Bueller...? Bueller...?
In my opinion, there really isn't any comedy that comes close to the humor found in this one. However, the TV show "I Love Lucy," could compete (my favorite TV show), but that isn't a movie. However, I'd love to hear all of your opinions, and why this movie may not be your favorite.
I'm pretty sure that the best parts of this movie are just some of the sheer hilariousness from the scenes. My favorite character has to be either Ferris, or Grace. This movie really explains itself, so if you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend watching it.
I didn't really mention much about the movie, except that it is purely fantastic. So, I guess I'll just leave you with this:
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This is a really great movie! I feel like if I had to pick a favorite I'd be here all day. Charlie Chaplin did some of my all-time favorite movies. I swear I die laughing every time I watch them.
I love Cameron and Ferris's sister. Those were probably my two favorite characters. They were the two frustrated ones hahahaha
@danidee what about the Principal? he was the grumpiest!
@nicolejb Yeah but he was kinda creepy too.
yeahhhh @danidee. like all up at his house and stuff. creepiest Principal EVA