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Ok, so I finally decided that I would do one of these challenges and what a great first challenge card to choose. Kdrama kisses, oh how I love thee. They can make or break a drama and yet we can't live without them. So my card ended up being kiss scenes of my biases but honestly some of them are pretty damn good. Thanks @kpopandkimchi and @poojas for tagging me. Here is the original post by @kpopandkimchi.
1. Reply 1997 I really enjoyed this drama a lot. Especially since one of my favorite idol/actresses is in it! Eunji!!! omg... she was so amazingly pretty in this! ♡♡♡ All the kiss scenes were amazing so it was hard choosing which one I liked the most. But I finally decided on the kiss from eps 14 which takes place in the stairway at the hospital. At this point Shi Won (Eunji ♡) and Yoon Jae (Seo In-guk) are still figuring out their feelings. She decides to threaten him into telling her his feelings so she starts counting to 3. Before she finishes he goes in for a surprise kiss. Que the music! Look at that smug look on Eunji! SO CUTE!♡♡♡ She then hands him her cold medicine saying she doesn't need it anymore because she feels all better! >< Why is she so adorable!? Also will add all the kiss scenes in the second video.
2. Pinocchio nooo... I wrote a bunch for this and it got erased. :( Anyway, Pinocchio was a great drama. I was so glad that Park Shin Hye played a strong character this time instead of playing a girl who just cries all the time and gets dragged around by the male leads... that's right... I'm talking about you Heirs. PSH literally cried in like every episode. That's all she did. Anyway, even though ♡Park Shin Hye♡ is my ultimate bias. This was a pretty great kiss. In Ha and Dal Po has had some tension between them and this was the first time they had dinner together in a while. After dinner they decide to take a walk. They wonder if they can ever go back to the way it was between them. But Dal Po is quick to answer and say they cant. She assures him that she can but hiccups. haha. She so wants him. She tries to run away but he quickly grabs her. Que music! He moves in to kiss her but she moves her hand over her mouth. he gently kisses her hand. And as she slowly lowers her hand and the snow falling all around them, he kisses her again! How beautiful is this scene. The snow falling and the lights in the beautiful! omg... Shin Hye is as beautiful as ever!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡
3. Producers Alright, let's be honest, this kiss scene wasn't even that great. But it was different as it was thr girl going in for the kiss instead of the guy and IU also happens to be another one of my favorite biases! :P Though that may be true, this drama was pretty awesome for only being 12 episodes. I really enjoyed watching the great cast together. The kiss scene is the one at the amusement park between Cindy (IU) and Seung Chan ( Kim Soo-Hyun ). Cindy really likes him but of course he is oblivious to her feelings. The amusement parks holds a lot of sad memories for Cindy but she wanted to visit for her birthday. As the two go around the park and she tells him about her past she begins to cry blaming herself for what happened to her parents. Seung-chan kneels down to wipe away her tears and comforts and reassures her that her parents would not blame her and would be proud of how she's grown. She then stands up thanking him and telling him she will now think of him whenever she is reminded of the amusement park. He doesn't really understand but just nods. oh you. >< She then leans in and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. He's totally caught off guard by this. IU is so pretty and cute!
@poojas haha. so true! Yay for Park Shin Hye! @nenegrint14 You should definitely give it a chance and watch it. I'm not just saying that because Park Shin Hye is in it either. haha :P @kpopandkimchi I know right! Eunji is just so awesome!
Awesome card. #2 is great because Park Shin Hye finally looks normal in a kiss instead of seeming like she is in pain haha.
@chongx haha sure you aren't lol
I think the stairwell kiss is my favorite from reply 1997 too ^^
1. Seo In Guk is in everyone's lists haha his kiss scenes are so great! 2. I've never seen Pinocchio, but I think this is my favorite kiss scene that I've seen from these lists. I love when he kisses her hand!