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When we picture America in our heads, what do we see? Lush green grass? Cascading mountains? Infinite highways? The hope for a better future? Crime? Poverty? The death of the American Dream? Whatever that picture resembles, it definitely doesn't include Donald Trump, a complete freak who could quite possibly become our next president. As we seed through the interviews, the memes and the total coverage of the sheer ridiculousness of his candidacy, his actual stances on things remain cloaked by sound-bites and out-of-context internet fodder. So I set out to figure out: what the hell does he want for the USA? Today we'll check out Trump's stances on Immigration, the Economy and Unemployment. This series will try to help us all make sense of the seemingly endless stream of garbage uttered by a scarily promising candidate for Campaign 2016.
Naturally, we see wealth. We picture Trump towers in all of our major cities. We see gold. We see a reality TV show. We hear "you're fired." But what does Donald Trump the politician actually want for our (once) great nation? Trump stands alone on a platform seemingly built on the greatness of the American Dream. Most red-blooded, capitalist Americans will argue that if elected, Trump will bring us back to the golden age of Reagan and the trickle-down economic effect of spread wealth that is held fiscally responsible for itself by the richest people in the country. Most red-blooded, capitalist Americans see Trump as a beacon of hope in a sea of ineptitude. Garnering support from the wealthiest Americans, and those drinking beer and shooting guns all across our beautiful nation, Trump could in fact become our next president. This Cartier toting, out-of-touch comb over, reality TV star could be the Commander-in-Chief of our Military, the face of our nation. I may move to England. How terrifying is that?
Let's, for a minute, look at his actual platform. Right now it's pretty much mumbo-jumbo taken from various appearances and interviews, where Trump proudly boasts of a wealthy economic future, and kick-ass can do American nationalism. In reality it is bigotry, ignorance, racism, sexism and every other ridiculously outdated political agenda wrapped up in a bow. His platform is peppered with colorful language and humor, but the insidious nature of Trump's campaign is gaining ground. People like him. It's the fear people must have felt when Nixon was on the trail...gnashing and gnawing at everything in his path, like some kind of screwed up dragon hell-bent on setting fire to the American Dream. I've broken Trump down into a few quotes and some general information that has been passed around media outlets like a bottle of awful Vodka, here are the big take-aways. Some more fleshed-out than others. Let's make sense of this garbage:
Let's first start with immigration. This is a make or break thing for most politicians, depending on if they're in favor of immigration rights or deportation. Trump doesn't even touch on any of that. He instead declares immigrants and their rights a non issue, by adopting the philosophy of many other racist and intolerant nin-com-poops of the past. Trump might as well dawn a Yosemite Sam costume every day. "I will build a great, great wall around our southern border--and I will have brave Mexico pay for it." How can Trump want to exile those who come to this country to make a better life, and still drag around the American Dream? It's just not possible. The American Dream is for everyone, and that includes everyone who enters US borders. Who could honestly vote for someone who carries around such intolerance? This isn't the Wild West. This is 2015.
Next we explore the economy, a personal favorite topic for Trump who prides himself on his "business acumen." He whines and complains about the US not pulling its weight as far as "world business" and comments on countries like China, Japan and Mexico who are currently "killing us" economically. Sorry, didn't realize that this was all a business. Maybe that makes me an idealist, or just ignorant. I just want someone whose going to play the country straight and not treat the American people like a return on an investment. Will we as American citizens be "fired" by Trump for not being productive enough? Is he just going to fork over his millions to lessen the National debt? I doubt it. "Our country is in serious trouble. We don't have victories anymore. When's the last time you saw us beating China in a trade deal? I beat China all the time." So, the truth here lies in Trump's ego. That's all. There is no fact backing any of this up, no specific figures, comparisons in business deals or GDP. All we have are the words of a maniac hopped up on his own headlines. "Victory" for America should lie in a greater tolerance of differences, an upped employment rate, better welfare, higher wages and a sense of happiness. Victories don't lie in trade and business deals for every day Americans. We want to wake up feeling safe, like we can support out families and have a little bit of fun. Who gives a shit what Trump does behind closed doors, in board rooms full of billionaires and cocaine. That life doesn't apply to teachers, doctors, students. And it definitely doesn't represent me. I'd rather vote for Jack Donaghey from 30 Rock. At least he knows he's an asshole.
The last topic for today is Unemployment, another major topic for anyone serious about running our country. Let's face it, Trump's main goal is more money for the U.S. He wants the American Dream to come back as a super-hero. And the unemployment rate is the number one villain the super-hero's way. It's sidekick is the "low" Gross Domestic Product or GDP (the broadest possible measure of American economic activity). "GDP is never below 0. Our labor participation rate was the worst since 1978." 1978 was the year the Devil (AKA Richard Nixon) resigned from office.
But it looks like we could have another Devil on our hands if people continue to placate this monster at the helm of a bottomless pit of campaign money. To put this into perspective: Trump is first in line to recieve the GOP nomination. He's ahead of Jeb Bush (God forbid another one of those guys ends up in office), and relative unknown Scott Walker. He's actually besting the pack in most caucuses. Will we let this happen? Can we actually de-volve from Nixon?! Politics is a blood sport, and by God Trump's spilled the most so far.
BTW: are you aware that trump has not turned in any campaign funding numbers? meaning he is getting no money for campaign support. how is that a bad thing? Ben Carson has received the most in campaign contributions and he's an accomplished brain surgeon. again this is just an opinion piece.
Correction Shannon, "Liberals are not taking the election seriously" mainly because they know they are going to get there asses handed to them
someone must feel really threatened. funny that the Republicans have an African american, 2 Hispanics, and a woman. running. and the left has an old white man and a Clinton. and yet you claim all the racism and bigotry is from the conservatives? I can't take this stuff serious. Sounds like you're push hate against the ones you are against rather than supporting the ones you are for.
@amazingangelini did you see this card?
@shannonl5 well right now, they are a joke, things will start to pan out I'm sure, but at this point nobody is trying hard enough to sway the perception of American politics. Sanders? He's a good candidate, but people are comparing him to the wildness of others in the race and it makes everyone look tame and boring and completely off the mark even if they do stand for amazing things. I think what you said before was dead on, the freak-show element is completely overshadowing the issues, the platforms and everything that makes US elections important. It's unfortunate, but I'm hoping that by exposint the ridiculousness for what it is will help in some small way. ;/
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