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If someone could help me find my motivation, that i left somewhere not here... that would be great. I went over every syllabus for my classes, and I just seriously want to let out exasperations... Like do they not know that I am 100% Perfectionist and overachiever, like bring it on..
I have so many term papers and 80 hours of community service to do! *Facepalm* Woot! Busy busy... I got this though.
So yeah, I'll take the challenge professor person... 80 hours of community service *pfft* I've put in more hours of gaming. This shall be interesting. Let's see if i don't change my tune in a week.
Read 200 pages by Friday and write a paper!? 3 chapters of every text book, followed by tests? You got problems, but I'll accept that challenge as well. Bring it! *stands on a chair to look intimidating since I'm only 5'3*
Why did I start this card, i kinda forgot where I was going... Yes college! That's right!
My face when someone actually tried to challenge my academia.. I'm a pro by now, c'mon I mean I want to say that I love challenges so this will be fantastic. I plan on going OUT MY LAST SEMESTER with a BOOM
I will leave this here. I found my motivation I think!! Let's do this! Team Aimee is a non-social college nerd! XD It helps that I'm in my natural habitat.

For everyone who is starting school or has already started school, im rooting for you this semester Darlings! So go in there and knock it out of the ball park!!

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@deilig thank you. Yes i love school
2 years ago·Reply
@AimeeH 👌are you a senior?
2 years ago·Reply
@HairConfetti yes! I'm getting my Bachelor's!
2 years ago·Reply
WOOH YOU GO GURL! fyi, I'm 5"3 too..waaat?
2 years ago·Reply
@NerukaWong YES! Thank you very much dear! haha that's awesome!!
2 years ago·Reply