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*obviously, this is a gender-neutral use of "dudes." I identify as a female dude. He is dude, she is dude, we are all dudes!
Now, with the important stuff out of the way, I've got some big news!

They've come out with BEER FOR DOGS.

Indianapolis craft brewery Flat12 Bierwerks has created a non-alcoholic, doggie-safe brew called #Flat12Paws.
Okay, so there's been such a thing as dog beer before now. But! This one is way better, because:
1) it's actually healthy for your dog
2) all proceeds are going to animal shelters!
The recipe for #Flat12Paws uses the same brewer's yeast as the brewery's craft beers, but excludes the hops, which are very bad for dogs. It's also non-carbonated, because all those little bubbles can upset doggie stomachs.
Instead, the end result is a puppylicious "beer" that tastes kind of like soup broth, and is made with sweet wort, potatoes, carrots, brewers yeast, pumpkin seed flour, and meat bones, for flavor.
You can find #Flat12Paws doggie brew at Flat12 Bierwerks in Indianapolis for $1 per dog bowl. Too bad they aren't shipping it out to other parts of the country (yet) – I know my pups would totally love to share a chill brewski with me out on the back porch!

Don't you wish you could treat your dog to a tasty bowl of doggie beer?

It is great that it goes toward charity! I am a huge beer fan; it is so refreshing. My favorite Midwestern beer is Michelob Golden Light, although Amber Bock is a close second! Too bad I just moved away from the Indy area - I'd love to pick some up for Bowser.
Oh man! I wish I could get this for my lil pup. She's old and lazy now so she'd be inclined to toss back a few beers with me on the deck, watching the sun set and chatting about life. ah, dreams.
At home I have a small dog who’s Teddy Bear breed (mixed breed essentially). and I like all beers. If I got a beer with my dog, I’d stick to a lighter beer. Maybe an ale. So we could play afterwords without me feeling to heavy!
@shannonl5 hair of the human xD
@buddyesd lol they'll have to start making doggie hangover cures XD
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