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There's a new shonen manga making waves throughout the whole of the community. That manga is Boku No Hero Academia, or 'My Hero Academia'.

The manga began being serialized in 2014 in Weekly Shonen Jump, and got an English serialization in Febuary 2015 on the digital partner publication for Weekly Shonen Jump. It follows Izuku Midoriya, a young man who was born without superpowers in a world where they have become the norm. He obessively studies these heroes, who face off against villains in intense bouts of combat on a regular basis.
When Naruto ended, it left a hole in the hearts of many anime and manga fans all over the world. The adventure had finally come to a close, the cards were dealt, the curtain had fallen on the narrative we had all come to care for so deeply.
Because of that absence, I needed to fill the void with another shonen manga, a potential replacement. This one came recommended to me by a friend, and so I read the first couple of chapters recently. Izuku has the same plucky determination as Naruto, but without the benefit of the nine-tailed fox to give him that extra edge of power. He is at a distinct disadvantage to everyone around him, and that makes it interesting.
In a world made of superheroes, to be alone without super powers is a terrible thing. I'm interested to see how the manga continues! What do you guys think about it? @poojas @veronicaartino @aimeeh @PikaPixie @biancadanica98 @danrodriguez @butterflyblu
@RosePark Izuku doesn't seem to have a hidden talent yet, but he does get a mentor figure who helps him out! so there is definitely more going on than first meets the eye
it looks awesome! makes me think of marvel and DC (especially the artstyle) with a little twist. Might have to read it for myself for sure, Izuku probably has a hidden talent. Sounds interesting enough :)
The plot sounds very interesting. Finally, a manga that we can relate with since the main character has no superpowers. Adding this one to my list! :)