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Hey, everyone! So, last week I mentioned here on Vingle that I had a job interview in Japantown and as a little 75% white, 25% Japanese girl, I was super nervous.
Well, to my surprise, I got the job! It may have to do with the fact that I am taller than the people working there at the time of the interview (I'm 5'5).
But, I got the job! Woohoo!
Noe I can buy more photography equipment because priorities of a photography major-duh. Anywho, thanks to those who wished me luck! I'd tag you, but the Internet is being a butt so I will get on that ASAP.
BONUS!!! At the Japantown West Mall, there is a PikuPiku, so here are my two friends and myself. I am insecure so I won't point out who I am, but this is the first picture of myself on Vingle. Another woohoo!
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