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Ouran High School Host Club is a very loveable series and has that comedic romantic essence to it, which personally, has me laughing so much about the situations and character traits in the anime.
let start to the twins (Hikaru and Kaoro Hitachi) a twin brothers who is obsess to each other or in love!.. their character are very romantic yet makes me laugh everytime they act cheesy to each other... I mean who does that?
The partners (Honey and Takashi ) if you notice the two are always together, I don't know exactly what are their relationship but for sure that takashi is younger than Honey.
the vice preaident (Kyouya Ootori) he is very serious whe. it comes to business, but very nice and gentleman. He is funny in a way that whatever haruhi do, he always reminding her about the vase she broke.
The Girl {Haruhi Fujiyoka} She is very smart and very pretty, but accidentally came in to a world ahe should have gone. She broke a vas that cost million of money, now to able to pay it she has to be in the club, yet the boys doesn't know she is a girl, because of her a guy looks (if you watched this you know that story behind).
Lastly the funniest among them "The president" (Tamaki Souh) he is crazy guy..he is secretly, but obviously in love with Fujiyoka. He always get sad everytime fujiyoka ignore him or tell him something unusual, or when she is close to other guys he just driectly go to the corner wall, which is funny.
The End......
that is what I thought too...they both had blond hair and they really look alike... :-) I wish I did it right @poojas
I loved this thx for doing a card on them all the characters are so funny and BTW the reason why Takashi and Honey are always together is cuz there cousins and a lot of years ago Takashis family served Honeys family kinda like servants but not really I just don't kw a nice term for it lol but that rule no longer existed so Takashis family didn't have to serve Honeys family anymore but Takashi didn't care he would still follow Honey around which is so cute I love them <3<3
@NirealPalaruan Right? And you did great. ^_^
@NirealPalaruan Thanks for doing this challenge!!! I LOVE Ouran High School Host Club. My favorites were Tamaki and Honey lol. I thought they were brothers at first!