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On episode 14, aired on January 20th, Cha Seung Jo discovered the reason why Han Se Kyung approached him in the first place. Director Shin In Hwa showed him the video that contained the evidence about Han Se Kyung and Cha Seung Jo's ex and Shin In Hwa's sister-in-law Seo Yoon Joo (So Yi Hyun) talking about why Han Se Kyung approched president Cha in the first place. After Cha Seung Jo saw the video, he reacted in an odd way, he said, “They look like people who resemble people I know.” to Shin In Hwa's shock, who could not believe he showed such unexpected reaction. His doctor and Cha Seung Jo's best friend Heo Dong Wook (Park Kwang Hyun) explained to Han Se Kyung that Cha Seung Jo can not grasp reality because if he does, he will go completely insane. Therefore Cha Seung Jo acted as if nothing had happened. However Cha Seung Jo took Han Se Kyung to a chapel and they both imagined how their wedding would be, Han Se Kyung feeling extremely guilty wanted to confess everything and said, “Listen to me, I have lied to you” but Cha Seung Jo cut her off and said, “Don't. If you say something I'll kill you.” Han Se Kyung apologized and said. “This is my fault. Please do not hurt yourself. I will deal with it.” but Cha Seung Jo told her that she ruined everything, and left her there while crying. Han Se Kyung run after him but it was too late.