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No, one really tell you this but not all one length blunt cut is created equal. This is a striking style but it can also be a disaster depending on your hair type and texture. Before jumping into the bandwagon on the sharp look, consider these.
1) The thickness of your hair really matters.
Keep in mind with an all one length cut, the perimeter of your cut can get very thick if you have a lot of hair.
2) Consider getting layers if you have stick straight hair.
You must be thinking, if you get layers it's not longer a one-length style. Technically speaking that is true, but remember in my haircutting term card? I mentioned layering can vary. There are ways to cut layers internally, so that the exterior will look all one length. This method can create a natural movement to your style, so the thick straight hair won't be glued to the sides of your face.
3) Curly hair is better off without a blunt cut.
Unless you want a triangle shape hair, a blunt cut is often not too flatter on curly hair. If you still want the blunt cut style you can cheat your way through it. Once again, you can use layers to manipulate the appearance of a blunt cut with the odd shape.