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I REMEMBER YOU EP2: We Caught The Murderer?

"I have to protect you from the world, and protect the world from you..."

So we're back in the basement where Hyun's dad has decided his son will live from now on, to hide him from the world. Hyun's dad is convinced that his son will grow up into a murderer so in order to keep him close, he told the community that Hyun went off to study abroad while in reality he is right at home - unable to leave.
Now we have Junyoung, our (adorable) prisoner. We still don't know what he did, if he's really insane, or what he wants from Hyun, and that's what makes his ESCAPE FROM PRISON and his BREAKING AND ENTERING OF HYUN'S HOME that much scarier.
and just in case you were wondering if this drama would have ridiculous amnesia plot lines:

Hyun's dad is killed, his little brother goes missing, and he falls and gets amnesia that erases part of his memory.

All in the span of about 2 minutes.

"Truthfully, there is one thing I remember..."

The only thing Hyun remembers is that his dad thinks he is a monster, but he has no idea why his now-dead father thought that.

So what does Hyun do when he grows up?

Gets famous, writes a book, and sends a message asking to meet up with Junyoung - aka the man who murdered his father.

Hyun is now breaking down the serial killer's signature in order to find him (the clues actually point to his brother who disappeared...) and Jian wants his help. They spend the rest of the episode gathering clues.

One clue is that the murder is going after the same type of woman, probably because he wants to get his own version of revenge on someone who looks similar to them...

Hyun also manages to charm his step-mother into giving him the police file regarding his father's murder.

BUUUUUUT it seems like Cha Ji-an already stole it.

Anyway, we might have caught the murderer but knowing Korean dramas, I doubt it. But at least Ji-an was able to warn the next possible victim beforehand.

Now to wait for the next episode to find out if she actually saves her!

*gif is from some behind the scenes clips that proves Kyungsoo is an actual angel, not a killing machine :D

Questions I Have:

1. Did Junyoung really kill Hyun's dad?
2. Is Hyun's brother Min still alive?
3. Is Min a murderer?
4. Where is Junyoung?
5. Why is Ji-an so obsessed with Hyun?


1-5: Keep watching! ^^ 6: Yes, it absolutely was! XD
the shower scene was absolutely necessary. without it, the plot wouldn't function, the drama wouldn't be successful, the fanservice would not be satisfactory. obviously. x)
amnesia is as common as the common cold but the common cold is as common as amnesia.... kdramas have reverse logic smh
@kpopandkimchi it will all be worth it in the end~
@kpopandkimchi its not me, its the drama! lol
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