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If you mushed together a Disney characters, a Nicki Minaj music video, Vegas, with a glam combo of pom-poms and extra sparkles you would probably end up with a Todrick Hall music video. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of YouTubers, you’ve probably seen one of his many glamorous, perfectly designed, perfectly sounding music videos.
Perhaps one of his Disney covers or even one of the many flashmobs he choreographs.
And now this YouTube star has a new platform to impress: Television.
Todrick has transferred his talents to the big screen (sort’ve). His new show, premiering on MTV is a reality show about his weekly crazy music videos that he puts together. Essentially selling what he does and putting it on reality TV.
But some people aren’t sold with this: Is he really just a down to earth guy making his dreams come true? I he selling this idea of anyone can make it if they work hard, and work with their friends...
Eh. I dunno.
With 1.6 million followers, a manager, and a team of dancers on doesn’t FEEL like a fun group of friends getting together just to make elaborate videos. A New York Times review sums up my feelings exactly:
"The people, the cameras, the locations, the actual props — they’re all in service of him. And so “Todrick” ends up being a documentary about top-down management, not collaboration.”
Being on TV is great, but well, Television. You lose a bit of authenticity when you brand yourself with a channel.
I do miss the days of his basic Target Flashmobs...
Todrick’s show premiered tonight and I didn’t get a chance to watch it, though as you can see I have some strong opinions on it. I’d be interested to see what comes out of it.
Has anyone seen it or has an opinion of the show? Do you think Todrick Hall is selling out, or is that just me?
This all being said: I’m really excited to see what music videos come out of this. I’m all about fun Disney covers and fancy outfits!
I think Todrick works hard and should be rewarded. Mtv is not a good network though, and he may get taken for a ride. He's a gimmicky artist, but an artist nonetheless
I see your point @TessStevens. I also think this is exactly what Todrick get more eyes and attention. But they are selling the show as, “we are big family that creates! yay!” and I don’t think that’s what it’s really like.