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It's quiz time! Read along to find out which version of Spider-Man you are (you know you want to).

Hey Marvel Community! I'm sad I was away for so long... life of a freelancer. But I'm BACK and I wanted to make a fun quiz for all of us to do! Here goes...

Keep track of your answers!

The one that you feel most reflects who you are will reveal your result...
Your friends describe you as...
A. Cool B. Traditional C. Excitable D. Different
If you became a hero, it would be because...
A. You want to do the right thing. B. You want to protect the people you care about. C. You need to. D. You've got a reputation to uphold.
Your hero costume would be...
A. Practical. B. Humble. C. Not up to you. D. Similar to what everyone else is doing.
Your greatest fear is...
A. Screwing up. B. Loss. C. Joining the wrong side. D. Giant monsters.

Are you ready for your results? Here they are...

A: Miles Morales

One of the newest members of the Spider-family, you're brave and honest, but you're struggling in the shadow of the hero that came before you. You'll find your own path, it just takes time!

B. Peter Parker

The original Spider-Man, you never let people down. Though the path to heroism was not straightforward, you figured it out and managed to save the world a few times.

C. Jessica Drew

Unlike the other members of the Spider-family, you didn't gain your powers by chance. They were given to you, and now the choice is up to you: what will you do with them?

D. Mangaverse Spider-Man

You stand apart from everyone else in the Spider-family. It's not a bad thing, you've just got your own stuff going on! Keep up the good work.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz!

let me know what you think about your result!
@buddyesd @AimeeH yay! Totally right, can't beat the original ^_^ @DonovanMoore that's awesome! Miles is definitely my fave right now. @VixenViVi yeah I'm super pumped to see the new comics she's in, they look incredible
I got Peter Parker!
C. Jessica Drew, Yayayay I get to stay a lady XD Plus she is BA
Yesss I actually got Miles without cheating. I'm so haopy
I'm Peter Parker!! :D caint beat the original :):):)
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