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Hi~ Vingle! It's good to be back lol. I'm up super late because I'm listening to all the forgotten songs on my playlist and I'm super hyper (that's where the D.O. gif comes in lol). I'm also thinking about my first day of school on the 3rd because I'M FINALLY GRADUATING !!! Even though I'm terrified of leaving my guardian angel of a father and my friends from middle school (all my "friends" from before then are not in my life and are irrelevant) and on I'm ready to move on and live freely. My life has been very sheltered and restricting and I'm going crazy so once I move I shall free lol. In college I plan on going against my mother and studying abroad in South Korea haha I have made up my mind. I'm applying to schools left and right and working hard to bring up my GPA. I wish everyone luck in their new school years
Good luck!! Fighting!!! I'm right behind you. Junior year whoop! Lol
@glostick middle school were the dark ages lol. The unspeakable times lol. I liked Kpop freshman year of high school. @kpopandkimchi @AimeeH thank you for the support 😙😙😙
Aww middle school......damn I feel old.......I left middle school for high school back in 2001...... (Don't judge haha).....I had no clue what K-Pop was and I was making me transition from liking R&B to going completely rock/gothic.....but any who good luck on the coming school year!!!! We as your K-Pop family are here to cheer for you as well as the countless hott guys/biases!!!! FIGHTING!!!! 😁
Good luck!! you can do it!!!!!!!!
Goodluck Dear!! I wish you a great first day!!